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9am Lowdown: Accountant gave unregulated immigration advice

16th Jan 2015
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Top stories today centre around a Moldovan accountant, a Big Four firm winning an audit tenure from another and our self assessment tip of the day.

Moldovan accountant gave unregulated immigration advice

She was fined £2,000 for eight counts of providing unregulated immigration advice.

Tatiana Balan is a Moldovan national living in London. She was also ordered to pay £2,430 in costs. 

Her firm's name was Quickbook Taxation, Hendon. Between January 2011 and September 2013, she submitted over 400 work permit applications to the Home Office mainly for Romanian and Moldovian nationals. This was prior to the change in January 2014 of the immigration rules, allowing Romanian and Bulgarian citizens to exercise their Treaty Rights. 

* * * 

EY wins Sainsburys audit 

Following a 20 year audit tenure with PwC, Sainsburys has chosen EY as its next auditor, after a formal tender process.

* * * 

MPs H2 concerns 

More in the H2 saga this morning as MPs say the are "skeptical" the HS2 will deliver value for money - via the BBC.

In addition they said there is a lack of a clear strategic plan for the rail network. 

* * * 

US tax filing season begins 

Another busy tax season is just beginning across the pond in the States. The IRS has opened the return season in America, and is also trying to introduce a lot of online services. 

Their season starts from 20 January and runs until April 15. 

* * * 

SA tip of the day 

Reminder notices aren't being sent out to those who have not yet filed with  payslips this year - so don't be alarmed when it doesn't happen. We've got more on the site about this later.


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By David Treitel
16th Jan 2015 17:45

US citizens in the UK (and there are several hundred thousand; not just Boris Johnson) can also just start filing US tax returns for the 2014 calendar year; but have an extended deadline of 15 June 2015 to file US returns.

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