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A fresh new look for

18th Jun 2009
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AIA has a fresh new look and it’s not just skin-deep.

From this week, is sporting a fresh new look and we've also introduced a host of exciting new features. The changes are in response to what you, our members, have told us about the way you use the website and the key business issues of importance to you as members of the accountancy profession.

New features
One of the first things you’ll notice when you register or log in is your control panel, always on hand to give you access to your profile, email subscriptions, private messages, content alerts, favourites library – in fact, everything that the new site brings you.

Here is a brief summary of the new features available to you:

Private messaging now gives you a secure inbox to contact and keep in touch with other members, without having to reveal your email address.

Content alerts
If you find an article, discussion or subject area that you’d like to be keep track of, you can add it to your content alerts and you’ll be notified of any new content added to the website. You can choose to receive these alerts hourly, daily or weekly.

Public profile
Once you’ve registered, you can choose to fill out your public profile. This allows other members to learn more about you and your business (at your discretion!), and also to connect with you via social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Your public profile can also display your company logo, the comments that you’ve made on the site, the articles or blogs that you’ve published, and which discussion groups you belong to.

Discussion groups
We have also introduced ‘discussion groups’, allowing you to set up your own area on for specific professional sectors, business topics, campaigns, or projects. Groups can be open, where new members can join freely, or private, where members join on an invitation-only basis and are approved by the group owner.

Discussion groups allow you to write your own articles, send newsletters to the group members, and set up your own forums. As a member of a group, you can control whether you receive updates and newsletters from the group owner.

Subscriptions publishes four email bulletins every week, along with occasional supplements on accountancy-related topics. We also have a new events and continuing professional development (CPD) bulletin, letting you know of courses, exhibitions and seminars that you might find of interest.

If you fancy showing the world your views on accountancy, or simply want to keep people up to date with how your practice is going, you can start blogging as soon as you create your free account.

Whenever you find an article that you’d like to keep for reference, simply add it to your library. You can add and remove articles whenever you like, and your control panel keeps a handy list of your favourites.

Any Answers
This is a version of a forum specifically for answering accountancy questions, where other members can contribute their replies, and you can choose and highlight what you consider to be the best one.

Please let us know what you think!

We hope that you like the new look, and we’d very much welcome your thoughts and any ideas for improvement. Do feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].



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Replies (18)

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By AnonymousUser
17th Jun 2009 19:36

Bear with us!
Just a quick note to let you all know that we're still working hard on this and the new site should be up and running tomorrow (18 June).

It's all that lovely content you lot keep posting that's taking some time to migrate!

We hope to be back online and looking fabulous tomorrow!

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By Anonymous
17th Jun 2009 11:57

Not at all Mike
Don't worry - this is not a stealth move toward getting money out of you! This is more about being able to provide some of the services members have been asking about for a while now, and also having greater functionality all round.

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By mikewhit
17th Jun 2009 08:29

Next step ....
Access to site only if you pay ?

If so, may I withdraw all my postings !!

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By KrunaL Desai
17th Jun 2009 08:02

this is exciting!

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By carnmores
16th Jun 2009 18:06

dont worry we will we will
good luck

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By Beckworths
18th Jun 2009 14:21

Great but something is missing methinks
There doesn't now seem a way of editing or deleting a question posed on the Any Answers section

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By dialm4accounts
18th Jun 2009 14:51

Any Answers sorting
The old site had Any Answers sorted with the newest response at the top, which was great if you just wanted to catch up with responses to a question you were interested in.

Now the oldest response is at the top, which is a bit of a pain because you have to scroll all through the old stuff to read the new responses.

Could you reverse it back again, to put the newest response at the top, please?


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By nigelredhead
18th Jun 2009 16:31
Is there any reason why the News items on the homepage are from


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By Anonymous
18th Jun 2009 18:46

First 5 minutes...

Like: Username tools and things

Don't like:
- Can't see poster name in comments and no opportunity to fill in a pseudomyn (how will we know who said what in Any Answers?!)
- Fact that the article, eg CEO's diary is squashed into the left-hand third of the page because the username section takes up half the width of every page (which is far, far too wide, and do we need the whole thing on every page anyway? Why not just a link? It's not like I change who I am every day)

Not sure: if the new layout will be better once I've got used to everything looking different!!

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By mikewhit
18th Jun 2009 19:01

Too much white space
Is there any chance that the site could provide (by user profile if necessary) a more compact view of articles and postings - there's far too much white space everywhere which means that you can no longer have a readable square of AW visible with other stuff on your screen - it seems to want the whole screen to itself !

and yes - who is posting the comments ???

PS. have yet to try the site on my Nokia phone - hope it's not as sprawling as on the desktop ...

PPS. also option for text-only (or mainly) pages - now there are too many piccies meaning I have to greatly scroll down the page to see what was all in a few sq cm on the old site :-(

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By tuliptownman
18th Jun 2009 23:58

It takes a lot more room....
It seems to me that a lot of space is being taken up by a post requiring an awful lot of scrolling. I agree that we should see who has made a post - not necessarily avators - I think they contribute to the size of a post but we should at least see a username and perhaps where they are from. This could then link through to the poster's profile if he or she wants to make it public. The user should also be able to control what parts of the profile they want to make public as well.

Can you some how grey out the areas you are not in? Thus if you are in Tax, the sub menus of Any Answers, Discussion Groups etc would be on white, whilst the main headings Financial Reporting, Technology etc could be greyed out (or oranged!) say white text on an orange bar with orange text on white of the main area that you are in. Orange never did Stelios any harm! Seriously it would aid navigation and prompt folk to keep on topic!

Could we have a box that says what each of the HTML tags do? You could put it at the right hand side below the posting box to fill the gap between it and the subscriptions box. I know the concept but don't know the translations of by heart!

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By Anonymous
19th Jun 2009 10:52

Not sure about this..

Answers in the wrong order, after years of looking at most recent answer at the top of the page, in my opinion the correct place it's now at the bottom.

Who is commenting, i have my user name and several aliases depending on how schizophrenic i am feeling, can i not continue to adopt my various personalities?

It is very space hungry, i agree with previous poster.

That being said it's a lot crisper and has a fresh look.

But it's the niggling things that we will comment on.

BTW was there a focus group of users who were involved in the redesign?

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By Anonymous
19th Jun 2009 12:11

Waiting to see
if my name is going to come up in the posting.

What I don't like is the flashing/changing image for the main story on the front page. Perhaps it could be made to go slower?

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By mikewhit
20th Jun 2009 09:36

Annoying flashing image ...
Nichola, Your solutions are called Flashblock and Adblock (if you're using Firefox).

And I think there may be a solution to my "too much white space" using a thing called Stylish (again for Firefox) that allows you to redefine settings for certain web sites - but it would need a bit of work and I'm doing a shower tray this weekend :-(


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By Martin Tingle
22nd Jun 2009 09:45

I don't like it but you can fix it.
Expand the column width, long thin posts annoying.
Reintroduce the format of having most recent posts at the top, I don't like having to scroll to the end of a long thin page to read the latest.
Reintroduce having names on posts, give the option of a pseudonym

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By Anonymous
22nd Jun 2009 09:58

Anonymising old comments
1. It is ridiculously short notice. What if I was on holiday?
2. I strongly think your default (if you have to choose) should be to make all old commets anonymous - not previously anonymous comments public!
3. I can't see any links to old comments on my profile but I know I made some and some I want to keep anonymous.
4. Making my previously anonymous old comments public is a breach of trust.

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By Anonymous
22nd Jun 2009 10:13

And another thing...
There is no edit option available for new anonymous comments so I can't edit the typo in my earlier post.
For goodness sake!

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By Steve Roth
22nd Jun 2009 13:36

We are looking at alternatives that might negate the need for y
Following feedback we are working on alternative solutions to the problem. We will keep the user functionality turned off while we investigate these options. As such no identification will appear next to either comments or posts for the time being. We have also temporarily disabled the function in the profiles which associates comments and posts with users to prevent any chance of users being unintentionally unmasked, which is why you cannot currently edit your comments.

We are looking into a solution that might prevent you having to manually change your previous comments/posts. Although the old system linked user activity to your profile, it also allowed you to manually override this association. However the database did not record what was written in the override field. That is why we originally asked for cooperation - some people will have used the field to create anonymity and other will have used it to present a pseudonym. However, it may be possible - and we are investigating this as I write - to isolate entries where the field was altered - albeit we cannot tell what was written there - and make those all those comments anonymous. If possible, this will make more comments anonymous that is strictly necessary, ie where there was a pseudonym, but will address the issue of anonymity for past comments and will allow us to restore the new functionality. We will keep you updated.

Steve Roth
Managing Editor, AccountingWEB

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