Thursday, November 19, 2020 - 14:00 - 14:30

AccountingWEB fireside chat with FreeAgent

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AccountingWEB fireside chat with FreeAgent

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The role of FreeAgent’s Insights and Cashflow features in COVID-19 recovery

In this AccountingWEB Live session Richard Hattersley is joined by FreeAgent’s co-founder and CEO, Ed Molyneux, to discuss accountants’ responses to the coronavirus (Covid19) crisis. 

Since the country went into lockdown in the spring, accountants have been going above and beyond for their clients,  providing clients with cashflow forecasts and using data to guide them through uncertain times. 

Join Richard and Ed as they discuss: 

  • How, in many cases, the relationship between accountants and their clients has strengthened as a result of the pandemic
  • How FreeAgent’s Cashflow and Insights features are helping accountants and their clients to cope during turbulent times. 
  • The continuing convergence of the banking and accounting industries and the role that it can play  client conversations

Find out more about FreeAgent’s award-winning accounting software.



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