Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 13:00 - 14:00

How a specialism can help grow your firm

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How a specialism can help grow your firm

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An identifiable area of specialism can often prove to be an effective way to grow your accounting practice. Leveraging key knowledge about a particular sector can help act as a magnet to potential clients, build a great reputation and of course allow you to develop genuine value giving expertise.

So why don’t more firm’s do it? There are few firms out there that are scrabbling around looking for work, or even new clients, so why would developing any kind of specialism help? However, on the flip side, the added value of having a deep knowledge of a particular sector can deliver dividends both in terms of fees, scaling and creating consistent processes. 

Some choose a sector because of previous experience, some see an opportunity within their client base, and others fall into it more by luck than judgement.

In this episode three accountants with clear areas of specialisation talk about their journeys from starting out, building a consistent service, to the long term prospects and value of working with their chosen vertical markets. It’s never all plain sailing, so we’ll be exploring what works, what has taken time and effort to perfect, and what kind of wrong turns and challenges they faced along the way.

By attending this session you will:

  • Learn if specialising in a specific sector could work for you and your firm
  • Find out what you have to do to establish yourself as a sector expert
  • Discover how your technology choices might be impacted
  • Generate new ideas of how to attract more of your chosen clients
  • Have an opportunity to put your questions to the experts

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