Friday, April 16, 2021 - 14:00 - 15:00

How Small Firms Can Stay Profitable and Productive

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How Small Firms Can Stay Profitable and Productive

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Are you a small firm looking to build on your 2020 successes?

As the pandemic-ravaged 2020, ruptured previously unshakable loyalties and rewarded tech-savvy small firms with new business, 2021 comes with the new challenge of sustaining this growth and keeping new clients happy.

How do you systemise and automate your client experience? How can technology help you? What does success really look like? Can you measure it? When do you need the human touch?

Inform Accounting's Sian Kelly (Client Service Award 2020 (winner)), Paul Layte from Next Level Business and Small Firm of the Year Sponsor, FreeAgent. Join AccountingWEB's John Stokdyk to discuss the growing pains that come with new opportunities, with practical tips and takeaways on what you can do to grow small and grow smart. Perfect for those firms looking to build sustainably on their 2020 success.

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