Friday, August 13, 2021 - 14:00 - 15:00

How to be an accounting hero (and survive)

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How to be an accounting hero (and survive)

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In 2020, we launched a new Accounting Excellence category - the Hero Awards. With one award each for Supplier, Individual and Accounting Firm, we celebrated those companies and people who went the extra mile during lockdown. Supporting their teams, clients and customers, putting in the long hours and showing the profession at its very best.

As we look toward the 2021 Awards and the new winners of the Hero Awards, we talk to last year's winners about the relationships that won them their trophies, how things have changed over the last year and what they need to do next to keep being a Hero. Our panel will discuss:

• How they and their teams coped over 12 months of lockdown and the additional demands

• The new standards set - and how they are meeting them.

• Are the expectations set as a consequence of Covid sustainable as we come back to normal?

• What about you? What happens when you or your team run out of steam?

The perfect session for anyone who goes the extra mile (or needs to know why they should do), come find out how you can be a Hero too.

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