Friday, April 30, 2021 - 14:00 - 15:00

The Future of Accounting | Part One

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The Future of Accounting | Part One

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The Class of 2020: What Happened Next

Every year, we survey accountancy's best entrepreneurs, start-ups and new firms to nominate a Class Of The Year. This is a wide variety of fresh-faced accountants in practice and business forging new paths, developing new strategies and using the best tech to unlock new business.

In Part One, we catch up with last year's Class of 2020. How did they survive the most difficult year of trading ever? Did their clients survive? How did they adapt? What lessons did they learn?

A packed roster of guests include Sarah Sallis (Sole Practitioner of the Year 2020 (winner)) and YesTax's John Moxon (New Firm of the Year 2020 (winner))! 

In Part Two, we unveil the Class of 2021. A line-up packed with new tactics, innovative approaches and bold ideas designed to cut through the start-up noise and help Britain's businesses get back on their post-lockdown feet.

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