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Getting your mojo back

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Getting your mojo back

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About this episode

Now life is set to resume back to some form of normality, there is no better time to check the pulse of the profession and quantify the effect the Covid workload has had on practitioners’ mental wellbeing. 

In this Any Answers Live episode, practitioners will reveal how the low points of the last year have affected their wellbeing. 

An expert panel will be on hand to support practitioners and provide advice on the stresses that come with running a practice. 

You’ll leave this episode with a thorough understanding of:

  • How to handle the difficult stresses and anxiety that comes with running a practice or working in the profession
  • How to get your mojo back
  • How to let go of your practice and focus on your wellbeing
  • How to fall back in love with your practice and feel energised for the future
  • How to set goals and achieve your practice aspirations

Join us live and bring your specific questions regarding getting your practice mojo back and get practical advice on how to find a solution.

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