Tuesday, June 28, 2022 - 09:15 - 10:15

The art of pricing and increasing your fees

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The art of pricing and increasing your fees

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One of the biggest bugbears for accountants is pricing. Charging the right fee can make or break your practice - and also sets the right boundaries in the client relationship. However, many accountants get it wrong. 

Fees and pricing is one of the most common questions asked on AccountingWEB’s Any Answers. Practitioners regularly head to the forum to seek a second opinion on what they’re charging. But confusion over fees has only exacerbated as inflation rises and accountants are forced for the first time since the pandemic to increase their fees. 

In this episode of Any Answers we will be joined by an expert panel to take your questions on what services to charge, how to set the fees and how to tell clients. 

The panel will also debate the age old question: Fixed fees, value pricing or time-based fees - which is better?

By attending this episode of Any Answers you will:

  • Learn how to charge for specific services
  • Discover what other accountants are charging for their services
  • Find out how to charge what you’re worth
  • Be able to have those awkward fee conversations with clients
  • Value pricing vs fixed fees - which is better?

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