Wednesday, March 3, 2021 - 09:00 - 10:00

Cloud Champion: A vital role in modern accountancy

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Cloud Champion: A vital role in modern accountancy

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About this episode

Two accountants take us through their journey in the profession, sharing the ups, downs and interesting insights that have made them successful in their role.

This episode looks behind the relatively new role of the ‘cloud champion’ and its role within the modern firm.

With a huge amount of options, diverse client needs, and even personal preferences at play, how do the slightly larger firms understand and coordinate their technology decisions? And what are the challenges of educating and encouraging adoption of new tech across a number of offices and a large group of end users?

As well as getting to know their personal journeys we’ll explore:

  • How decisions are made on which apps to use
  • The success and frustrations of managing vendors
  • How others internally see their role
  • Success and friction points of getting ‘take up’

And of course how do they balance ‘cloud champion’ with other responsibilities such as running a portfolio.

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