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How to recruit UK accountants in 2021

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How to recruit UK accountants in 2021

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Following our UK Accounting Talent After Covid survey, conducted in association with Cranfield Business School and sponsored by Ordo and AJ Chambers, we’re excited to host a two-part webinar series taking a deep dive into staff recruitment and retention issues in UK accounting firms.

The majority of firms are looking to maintain the same (45%) or increase (34%) their recruiting activity in 2021, despite the events of the last year. Firms need to be equipped to source talent that not only has the right skillset but also find individuals with the right attitude to fit in with their team and support client relationships.

How can you judge if an interviewee is the right fit? Should you prioritise someone with the right technical skillset over an individual with a great attitude and soft skills? What impact has the pandemic had on recruitment and how do you need to adapt your approach? Are the right people out there for your firm and how do you reach them?

This episode aims to tackle all of these questions and equip you with the skills and insight to plan your recruitment strategy for the year ahead. After this session you will have an understanding of the following topics:

  • Recruitment trends you need to be aware of
  • Interview techniques to ensure you find the right fit for your team
  • Learn which skills you should prioritise in applicants (data analysis, industry experience, digital expertise, client service skills)
  • How to recruit and onboard new staff whilst working remotely

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