Friday, July 22, 2022 - 10:00 - 11:00

MTD ITSA: The challenge for larger firms

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MTD ITSA: The challenge for larger firms

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The impending arrival of Making Tax Digital for income tax self assessment (MTD ITSA) presents many multifaceted challenges for accounting firms. 

Whether it’s preparing clients for the transition, choosing the right preparation and filing tools, gearing up internally for the shift to more regular client communication and information gathering, and pricing all of the above accordingly, the next 18 months present a serious challenge for the profession.

For larger firms, layer on top of all this the factor of scale, with many hundreds, sometimes thousands of clients to get up to speed with the new tax regime, and the added complexity clients of larger firms can sometimes bring.  

There are still many question marks over the exact nature of MTD ITSA, but with its mandation date of April 2024 now set in legislation, firms are having to plan in advance to ensure the move to digital taxation goes smoothly.

Join AccountingWEB technology editor Tom Herbert and a panel of practitioners from larger firms for an interactive session to find out: 

  • How larger firms have been preparing for the change
  • How they are communicating MTD ITSA to their clients
  • How they have adjusted their processes
  • What tools they are using both internally and client-facing
  • How the MTD ITSA transition has affected their pricing

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