Friday, April 28, 2023 - 10:00 - 11:00

What impact will the EU’s mandatory e-invoicing rules have on UK businesses?

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What impact will the EU’s mandatory e-invoicing rules have on UK businesses?

Friday, April 28, 2023 - 10:00 to 11:00

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About this session

As part of the EU’s ‘VAT in the Digital Age Directive’, e-invoicing will be mandatory for EU cross-border transactions from 2028 – but controversially, companies will have to be able to receive EU customer e-invoices from January 2024. Invoice data will need to be in a structured form and meet European e-invoicing standards.

The initiative will affect more than 20 million businesses across European member states and put digital billing and reporting processes in place for some 550bn transactions a year.

But what impact will this have on UK businesses providing in-scope transactions? Will they have to comply with the new mandates? And will they have to accept e-invoices from January 2024 from EU suppliers?

In this interactive broadcast you’ll find out:

  • What are the new rules and why have they been put in place?
  • How will this affect UK businesses?
  • What’s next - what EU decision points to look out for - and is e-invoicing likely to arrive in the UK?

Time allowing, there will also be a Q&A session at the end of the broadcast.

You may submit your questions using this form now and watch the speakers will have them answered later.

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