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Get more leads through search engine optimisation

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Get more leads through search engine optimisation

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Search engines are the modern battle grounds for most businesses. Savvy accounting firms have started to recognise the benefits being visible in search can bring for the growth of their firm. From driving highly targeted traffic to improving the quality of leads

But how do you go about being visible in search? What does it take to be number one? And, how can you start on your journey to being visible in search?

Join Mike Crook and his guest, PracticeWeb’s search engine optimisation expert, Ben Olive Jones. Where they will explain:

  • How to improve the visibility of your services in search.
  • How to analyse and optimise your website for search engines.
  • Best practice and how to implement it on your website.
  • A free, must have tool, to monitor search performance.
  • The different ways SMEs search for accounting services.
  • How to do your own keyword research.

 And, we’ll cover some good old fashioned jargon busting along the way.

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