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Take your marketing from a cost centre to a profit centre

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Take your marketing from a cost centre to a profit centre

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For many firms marketing is seen as a cost centre. 

Most accounting firms have marketing designing brochures, writing blogs, and posting on social — getting the brand “out there.” But there is a different approach that moves marketing from a cost centre to a profit centre.

Profit-centre marketing is when the marketing function generates measurable revenue for a company. “Profit centres” are named as such because they make a measurable impact generating profits. 

Who wouldn’t want their marketing function to contribute directly to the growth and profits for their firm?

But how do you go about turning your firm’s marketing function from a cost centre to a profit centre?

Join me and my guests, Bhimal Hira, marketing and business development partner from Jeffreys Henry LLP, and Jonathan Stobart, head of marketing and partnership for AccountancyManager to find out how to:

  • Identify if your marketing function is a cost centre
  • Shift your marketing function to a profit centre
  • Build and manage a marketing function 
  • Get marketing buy-in 
  • Build a marketing culture
  • Maximise your return on investment

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