Airts is the fastest growing tech company in Scotland (Fast 50 2019).

Our product, Braid,  is an AI-powered planning and scheduling platform,  developed specifically for professional services firms.

To be successful, professional services firms need to strike the right balance between profitability, client delivery, and staff happiness.

Braid automates and simplifies the full engagement management process. What makes Braid unique is its AI functionality, which helps firms get the right people doing the right work at the right time, and adapt instantly to change and disruption.  

Braid's configurable workflows and automated project controls streamline processes end-to-end. Our market-leading economics tracking lets you predict overruns in real time.  Braid supports assisted and fully automated scheduling, letting you optimise your plan based on what's most important to your business. And our reporting tools give you the oversight to mitigate risks, understand your organisation's operational health, and plan future strategy.

With Braid, boost profitability, improve client delivery, and keep your team happy.

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