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30th Nov 2015 21:44

Hundreds made redundant

and you are still so skint that you can't apparently afford professional advice for what must be a considerable sum of money

And given that you removed your only other question on this forum, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for members to help you this time

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01st Dec 2015 12:03

Is it only me
Does everyone else have an answer from a Roy Smith which is touting for loan business?
Already reported but it is still there so wondered if it was just me who could see this spam.

I have now been advised that this has been removed.

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01st Dec 2015 15:27

Hi Anne

Sorry about that the confusing spam. We've unpublished it! Thanks to everyone for reporting it as well.


Fran├žois (moderator)

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02nd Dec 2015 11:00

Tax free?

I would be more concerned that making hundreds of employees redundant over limited time had created an expectancy which meant they should not have been tax free - not reclaiming national insurance 

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