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08/09 Determination

08/09 Determination

Client had Determination issued re 08/09 (before I started to act). Despite my repeated requests for 'books' necessary

for 08/9 SATR, client to date has still not provided them. As far as I am aware the position is that we only had until

31.1.13 to replace the Determination by a SATR. Is there anything at all that can be done post 31.1.13 to reduce the

tax shown on the Determination ? Thank you.


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04th Feb 2013 16:53

You have until 5th April

You can submit a tax return up to 4 years from the end of the tax year concerned - so you have until 5th April.

After that the only recourse would be special relief

I had one of these in January for a Doctor who went to Australia and forgot about her tax returns - up until her tenant sent her a notice of distraint asking for £187,000

Her eventual bill was £4,900 (of which £2,100 was fines)

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