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12Pay and starter's P45s

12Pay and starter's P45s

I have a few clients using 12Pay, but they all appear to have failed to submit P45 details for starters during the last year. What have they done wrong and how (if at all) can I fix it now?


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21st May 2012 10:30

Just file them from the payroll now

Mouse, You can file them now.

Just go to the payroll reports menu and select "Internet Movements".

You'll see a list of every starter with P45(3) or P46 that the software hasn't filed yet. Some may already have been filed by some other route (eg using previous software or directly through HMRC gateway) and you can just click to "Exclude" those. Then click the "File Movements" button at the top of the form and they'll go straight off.

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21st May 2012 13:39

Thanks Tom

Easy when you know how - and I am getting to "like" 12pay.

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