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2008 Tax Liability and coding out in 2009.

2008 Tax Liability and coding out in 2009.

When submitting 2008 tax returns online, and applying for the tax liability to be coded out in 2009/10 I think the deadline was supposed to be 31st December.
However I'm sure that I read somewhere that due to software glitch HMRC extended this deadline to 31st January.
Am I right with this, and if so can someone point me to the official statement please?
I submitted a few tax returns towards end of January applying for the tax liability to be coded out, but in a couple of cases have received recent statements showing the tax as underpaid (plus interest), and the code numbers without any reference to the tax.
David Evans


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26th Mar 2009 14:44

Me too!
I thought that I had heard the same, and thought it had happened until 26th February
when a client got a red letter for not having paid.

Spoke to very very unhelpful people at HMRC, who said that unless I could find it on their website, they were not prepared to honour it.

Client not particularly amused, but quite small sums involved.


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By Anonymous
26th Mar 2009 14:44

Can't code

I remember this at the time - just for those submitting using the HMRC software.

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26th Mar 2009 14:01

Not sure what you have read ?
As far as I am aware it has always been the end of December. Never the end of January.

The only HMRC software glitch I have come across is where the return was submitted before the end of December and HMRC have not coded it out.

In these cases a quick call to HMRC usually sorts it out.

Will be interested to see if anyone else has heard of the January deadline for coding out underpayments ?

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By newmoon
26th Mar 2009 14:55

This is it!
This is what I heard about

... but hadn't realised it just applied to using HMRC software.

Oh Dear!

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