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2010-11 Daily Penalty Appeals

2010-11 Daily Penalty Appeals

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I was just wondering whether anyone else has had a few Daily Penalty assessments to appeal, and how you've gotten on?

I've just had a one daily penalty calculation reduced to Nil based on a reasonable excuse. They weren't the most robust of reasonable excuses, but plenty of grovelling, reassurances for the future, no tax losses to the government and mentions of the recession seem to have done the trick. I have a few more I sent back last week that I hope will come back with the same result.

I'm sure they will take a harder line in the future as I seem to recall that these penalties technically stick regardless, but in this first year they seem to be taking a sensible approach.

I hope everyone else is discovering similar.

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Should Be Working ... not playing with the car
By should_be_working
05th Sep 2012 16:30


We've had a couple cancelled (or 'reduced to nil') on the basis that the client did not need to be on the SA system that year (combined with a 'no tax loss' point).

As you say, a common sense approach. Let's hope it's catching!

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