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2019 loan charge suicides

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 This confirms what I have heared (first hand) from other sources and is entirely unsurprising based on my recent experience.

Also, here's that Treasury report under Section 95 of the Finance Act 2019:

As expected, total guff basically.

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By Rammstein1
26th Mar 2019 13:54

RIP whoever it was.

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By andy.partridge
26th Mar 2019 14:42

"Suicide is a complex issue and there is rarely a single cause."

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By meadowsaw227
27th Mar 2019 11:57

It is always painful to spend money that was never yours in the first place ! .

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Replying to meadowsaw227:
By Wilson Philips
27th Mar 2019 12:04

Spending it is easy. It is having to hand it back (or to pay tax on income that you no longer have) that is the painful part.

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By Justin Bryant
29th Mar 2019 11:21

It would appear MPs agree with my above view on the Treasury's report. See:

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