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2021 Tax Year Overviews

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I have just spoken to a HMRC customer services lady to ask why a client's 2021 Tax Return had not been captured as her tax liability was not showing and the Return was submitted (FBI) on 28 May 2021. She confirmed the Return had been received but due to SEISS claims some returns were being checked before being captured. I informed her that we needed the TYO which was important as the client needed it for a mortage as she was moving house. Her instructions were that nothing could be done and it may be mid-July before the return could be captured. Obviously this may scupper people moving house etc! Does anyone know a telephone number of a HMRC official who is in policy or such like where i can speak to them and inform them that this is potentially disruptive for many innocent householders? Or has anyone any other ideas?

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By sally1964
16th Jun 2021 09:07

Try AAM - might get things moving

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By AdamMurphy
16th Jun 2021 09:14

She fobbed you off (or was too lazy to do anything). I called the SA helpline a couple of weeks ago about a similar case, the person said they would escalate the matter and it be dealt with within two weeks and, true to their word, my client's account updated this morning and I can now get the overview.
Nothing had changed from my original calculation, so this IS a case of random checks rather than them picking out those with errors.

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By Paul Crowley
16th Jun 2021 10:12

Informed lenders will know
The problem is with the lender

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
16th Jun 2021 18:46

As Paul says - informed lenders will be aware.

And yes... are checking - and checking manually.

Its affecting CIS refunds as well.

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By adrian1957
07th Jul 2021 09:48

Thanks for your replies. My clients' TYO is still not showing on her account which is 7 weeks after submission of the return.
I have spoken to Bashir at HMRC on the accountants helpline number who is working from home (Still!!) who insists that his instructions are still valid and that he cannot escalate this problem to publish the TYO. The department who are checking taxpayers returns for incorrect SEISS claims and entries are very busy and I can do nothing but wait.
I indicated that my client may lose the mortgage and consequently the house but basically the reply was "tough!".
My instructions were to write with a complaint as it would be impossible to telephone someone of higher authority - pathetic!
So the Halifax have asked for • HMRC letter confirming the tax discrepancy for the year 2021 for both the applicants. To me this does not sound that the underwriters have knowledge of the delays and have no idea about HMRC procedures as it would be impossible to get a letter from HMRC stating what the Halifax require.
So Jim (Harra) if you are reading this could you please help?

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