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2nd time in 2 mths HMRC have incorrectly refunded

has anyone else had this problem?

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HMRC systems are getting worse, this is the 2nd time in 2 months that a client has phoned to say - HMRC have just sent me a cheque and told me my 17/18 tax return was wrong, when we check it the error is with HMRC inexplicably revisiting the SATR and incorrectly deleting items of income from the return (nothing to do with exceptions btw)!  this latest time was over 3k.

Each time I tell the client, the first reaction from them is lets keep the money as its not our fault, cant really blame them, this latest one I called HMRC to ask why and they just sent out the new calculation with the incorrect figures on.

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By SXGuy
08th Nov 2019 17:55

I've had the opposite, hmrc removing pension lump sums with tax overpaid so client never receives a refund.

3 amended submissions later they get the hint and issue a cheque

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