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3 year assessment NEST

How do we re-enrol existing but opted-out workers

A client is about to do their 3 year AE re-assessment. All their workers opted out last time and probably will again but I understand they have to be re-enrolled to be give the chance to opt out yet again.

Their workers are already listed in NEST as inactive but I can't find a way to make them active again to go through the loop and have them re-notified. Surely I don't have to enter all their details from fresh ? I can't get a response from NEST as of today.


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06th Dec 2018 15:45

Enrolment submission. If you use, e.g., Moneysoft it's presented as an option for AE filing.

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By SXGuy
07th Dec 2018 09:04

Try nests Web chat. They were a massive help for me recently. They can't give you personal details about the business because they can't prove who you are over Web chat but they will explain how to re enroll everyone again.

I'd also advise you notify employees early to expect it in order to opt out ASAP.

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