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30 day CGT: all the information has been wiped

30 day: previous submissions have been wiped from the Agent Services Account

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I have just posted the following on HMRC's Agent Forum:

"I have looked in the 30 day CGT system this morning to obtain information about my client’s CGT submission and payment.  It has all gone. 

I have checked for other clients and the information has gone from their accounts as well, including one where the submission was made as recently as January.  The only option that is offered is “Start new return”, or sign out.  You cannot see previous submissions or payments any more.

It is 6 April today.  Is this connected?  Does the system wipe all records at the beginning of a new tax year?  Or after a certain number of months?

Please can another tax adviser check a more recent submission and see what has happened there.

HMRC what is to be done?"

Have other advisers found the same problem?

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By DaveyJonesLocker
06th Apr 2021 10:18

And this is why HMRC can't be relied on to build a MTD system.

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Replying to DaveyJonesLocker:
By Paul Crowley
06th Apr 2021 10:32


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By CazzyT
06th Apr 2021 12:09

I hadn't noticed this problem but had an issue where two previous submissions had been made but only one was showing. This made it almost impossible to submit the third with the correct tax payable.


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By Jane Evans
06th Apr 2021 12:16

I have just checked again, and now the information is there. Something has changed with the software since 8am this morning (whilst I was waiting for the ADL). Thank you to the people who looked at this.

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