31 January is a Sunday - what is the magic date in 2016?

31 January is a Sunday - what is the magic date...

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I have just logged in to a client's self-assessment account and it says "Your next payment is due on 28 Jan 2016".  28 January is a Thursday, which is really puzzling me! 31 January is a Sunday.


1. Are self-assessment tax returns due? Is it midnight on Sunday 31st January?

2. Is tax due to be paid for 2014-15 and payments on account for 2015-16?

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By K81
30th Dec 2015 10:30


saw this a few years ago when 31 January was a Sunday.


Self-assessment tax return can be filed up to midnight on 31 January.


As HMRC offices do not open on weekends they expect you to make sure that all payments are with them by 28 or 29 January. Any cheques sent to accounts office which are received over the weekend will be opened on Monday 1 February & will be treated as received on that date.

I believe that this does not apply to online payments though. 

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By lionofludesch
30th Dec 2015 14:24


I don't really understand banks.

Most banking is online now - do computers need the weekend off or summat ?  I don't see computers at rugby matches or browsing in garden centres.  Why don't they work 24/7 ?

As far as payment goes, you're only going to be charged a day's interest if it counts as arriving on 1 February.  You'd have to owe a lot for this to be a big issue.

More important for me, as 2016 is a leap year, is when the 5% surcharge kicks in. That might be easier to overlook and be more catastrophic.

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