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31st March 1982 valuation for property

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Was in the process of doing a CGT calculation where the surveyor was struggling to find any sales in the area around March 1982 and came across this helpful page. Attaching the link here in case it is of use to any other AWebbers - the values did seem to agree with sales in the neighbouring area. (There is also the Nationwide calculator as an alternative source too).

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By SteveHa
14th Jul 2021 12:19

Up to now (and granted, they will become more infrequent) I haven't had one yet that stumped me on the 1982 value, but useful to have a fallback, thank you.

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By Martin B
14th Jul 2021 13:16

For future refrence

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Replying to Martin B:
By SteveHa
14th Jul 2021 14:51

Ermm - 31 March 1982 was in the thread title. I fail to see the ambiguity that needs clarifying.

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Replying to SteveHa:
Red Leader
By Red Leader
14th Jul 2021 17:07

He can refer back to his posts.

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Replying to Red Leader:
By SteveHa
15th Jul 2021 10:22

Ahh - OK.

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By sanjay100
15th Jul 2021 13:59

I knew about Nationwide but not Valuation office Agency so thank you.

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Replying to sanjay100:
By gainsborough
15th Jul 2021 18:10

You're very welcome. I knew about the VOA but never hit that page before in my previous searches!

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