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4 piece Act - 1 employee/director/shareholder


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Just curious as to how this could feasibly work.

I went to see a four piece tribute act on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  Looked them up on Google yesterday and noticed the act name is corporated as a Ltd Company.   One Shareholder/Director and also one employee (who might be the same person, I don't know)

How would the four performers be represented?  I thought maybe self employed but if the Ltd Co is effectively the group then I can't see how?

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By johngroganjga
24th Feb 2020 13:36

It may just be a dormant company put in place to protect the name.

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Replying to johngroganjga:
By legerman
24th Feb 2020 14:39

johngroganjga wrote:

It may just be a dormant company put in place to protect the name.

It's trading John, but digging a bit deeper the bookings are made under a different Company name owned by the same Director + 1, who both happen to be in the group.
Curiosity satisfied

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By paul.benny
24th Feb 2020 14:02

Or the company contracts the bookings and then sub-contracts appearance to individual artists - who may not be the same on each occasion.

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