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40% tax on Pension Lump sum

How to get a refund

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Client not under self asessment.  Took out pension as a lump sum and pension provider deducted 40% tax in year 2016-17.  He doesn't have any other income apart from disability benefits which is not taxable.

Would he need to complete a self assessment as I thought HMRC would have sent out a P800 notifying overpayment of tax.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
30th Jan 2018 10:43


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By Euan MacLennan
30th Jan 2018 13:36

Form P53 - the lump sum does not have to be "small".

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By Krusty
30th Jan 2018 13:45

If it's for 2016/17 then I'd contact HMRC to ask for the year to be reconciled, saves the need for P53 if they hold details of the pension already

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Replying to Krusty:
By Jim100
30th Jan 2018 15:41

Yes thats' what I thought they have all the information and thought they could have contacted my client. Will get my client to call HMRC.

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