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45p per mile - 2 jobs plus self employed

45p per mile - 2 different jobs and self employed total miles 25,000 in year

Just wanted to check how many miles can be claimed at 45p and how many at 25p.

There was a long thread in 2015 on this but wonder if the rules are now clarified?

Client did 17,000 miles in one job, then did 5,000 miles in self employment, then returned to a new job with a new company and did a further 4,000 miles; all in 17/18 tax year.

My reading is

10,000 @ 45p and 7,000 @ 25p in Job 1

5,000 @ 45p in self employment

4,000 @ 45p in Job 2

But happy to be corrected


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07th Dec 2018 09:47

I vote yes.

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07th Dec 2018 09:49

Looks correct to me!

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07th Dec 2018 10:12

Provided the 2 companies are not associated you are correct

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07th Dec 2018 12:36

Would agree with the treatment of mileage for employments - but not necessarily for self-employment.
That will depend on whether there was a previous use in self employment and the choices which were made at that time

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