500 £ HMRC Interest income after stopped trading

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I had a ltd company last year but stopped trading last year. I filed the last year tax return and paid corporate tax.

Now I received early payment interest income from HMRC of 500 £.

Am I supposed to file a corporate tax return for this year, this is the only income. I thought a filing is subject to a minimum income 1,000£.

How is the easiest way to treat a post receipt in a ltd company of negible interest income from HMRC after a company has stopped trading.

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By David Ex
04th Dec 2023 22:59

Rahpa_ wrote:

I thought a filing is subject to a minimum income 1,000£.

That’s a new one on me.

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Replying to Rahpa_:
By Leywood
04th Dec 2023 23:52

Oh dear.

A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

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Replying to Leywood:
By FactChecker
05th Dec 2023 00:43

In previous posts/comments earlier this year, OP says "I am an accountant" ... but it's not clear why thought it was sensible to set up a Limited company in mid 2022 - let alone then to close it a year or so later.

Hopefully any future 'ideas' will be run past a paid adviser in advance.

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Replying to Rahpa_:
By rmillaree
05th Dec 2023 07:55

unfortunately that allowance is not available for limited companies - the relevant guidance doesnt make that clear unfortunately.

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By blox
04th Dec 2023 23:28

The article on this link refers to self employment and not to Ltd companies.

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