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64-8 and online access

64-8 and online access

if we send in a 64-8 does that automatically add the client to our online profile? - mostly interested for self assessment and VAT

i got conflicting answers from HMRC on this one 

many thanks


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29th Jul 2012 12:40

It should do for self assessment

We send 64-8's on paper and they eventually appear on our online client list.

Occasionally one doesn't, so we confirm it has been processed by calling the agent line, and then calling the online helpdesk to get it on our list.

For VAT, you need to go through your VAT agent logon and request the client to be added.

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By sawales
01st Aug 2012 09:07

Takes ages

I find by sending in the paper version takes ages to apprear if at all.... I always go for the on line request option which is much quicker....

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