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64-8 Mysteriously withdrawn

64-8 Mysteriously withdrawn

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I have two clients this week where I have discovered that the 64-8 has been mysteriously withdrawn.

Not by me. Not by the client. Both clients of 3 to 4 years.

One a CT / limted company. HMRC say the 64-8 is on record but cancelled - investigation in progress.

One a Self Assessment - HMRC - say the 64-8 is on record but cancelled. The client also received what appeared to be an automated scam phone call, which was a bit unclear.

Both are gone from the online agency lists.

Anybody else experienced the same?

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By sijolees
01st Aug 2018 10:27

I sometimes lose clients from the list if they are working temporarily in the EU. The contractor offers to complete the application for an A1 for them and gets them to sign a 64-8 to speed up the process - the client doesn't realise what they have signed and that this effects our authorisation. Could be something like that?

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01st Aug 2018 13:01

Happens all the time if you have a substantial number of clients - one or two occasionally disappear and then for no apparent reason then re-appear after a week or two!

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By Gone Sailing
01st Aug 2018 18:01

They didn't just drop off the list - I phoned HMRC for both - the 64-8 was withdrawn on their records and they wouldn't tell me how or why, and I know it wasn't the client.

One HMRC helpdesk offered 3 alternatives, withdrawn by client, new accountant 64-8, client deceased. All obviously possible, but none of which applied.

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By saeed409
01st Aug 2018 20:28

I have found clients signed 64/8 to other advisor for other purposes eg rates review, pension etc without realising the implication

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By Ajtms
03rd Aug 2018 10:35

Yes, this happens to at least a couple of clients each year, sometimes SA cases and sometimes just PAYE or repayment claim cases. HMRC never offer any explanation and have no conception of the inconvenience it causes especially for the non SA cases where we can only file a paper 64-8 and wait 2 months for it to get processed. I am 100% certain that it was not the client that revoked it.

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03rd Aug 2018 10:45

This has been happening for years. HMRC almost always blame the client, leaving us advisors wondering how happy our clients really are?!
In every case we've had there has been no explanation, they simply drop off our online service and often when we call HMRC, the 64-8 has been removed - in all cases there has been no change at our end.
I believe this is either a blip with HMRCs IT which they've yet to identify or a deliberate attempt to remove agents from 'their' relationship with the taxpayer.

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By Tom 7000
03rd Aug 2018 11:01

yeah they drop off.
Just accept HMRC IT and people are not perfect...

Mind you they expect us to be...But they make the rules so there you go...

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By SXGuy
03rd Aug 2018 17:01

Not sure about the 64-8 but I have had two calls lately from a supposed hmrc agent demanding money or face the full wrath of litigation.

This has been a recording both times.

Gives an 0208 number as a call back.

It's prob that which let's them gather enough info to do something with

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Stephen Quay
By squay
03rd Aug 2018 19:50

I had an SA client drop off our list last year after the SAR was submitted so no pressure. Client stated not by them. Waste of time contacting HMRC so waited to see if client was reinstated. Nope. So for this year's SAR applied for authorisation online again. Advised client. Password received and away we go again. Just a pain but this is the simplest way to sort it out and move on. HMRC and IT just don't sit well together. Roll on MTD!

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Replying to squay:
By Gone Sailing
04th Aug 2018 09:54

squay wrote:

Roll on MTD!

Cat. Pigeons.
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