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80% for Employees, Furloughed application

80% for Employees, furloughed application

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Question 1

I understand a stand alone Director who is on his company payroll cannot be furloughed or claim the 80% of salary. 

However, if the Ltd Company employs 10 people who are furloughed and the Director is also on the payroll (at the usual minimum amount), does this change anything regarding them being able to be furloughted or claim the 80% for themselves.

Question 2

Has anyone found out yet, how we notify HMRC that staff have been furloughed, is there an online form we need to complete for each employee?

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Replies (2)

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By Duggimon
27th Mar 2020 10:03

Question 1: your understanding is wrong, a director can probably be furloughed, or at least nothing in the official guidance thus far rules it out and I think most are intending to claim for it if the company has ceased working.

Question 2: no, it's not been released yet, it's slated for early April, there should be some sort of online portal.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By Carolynne
27th Mar 2020 10:16

Thank you for your reply Duggimon. Your mentioning that the online portal timing of early April is a help as clients have been asking about it.

However, I have read that a condition of furloughing is that the individual must not undertake any work of any kind for the company during this time. This is harder for a director as for example, they will still have to accept the payroll reports from the provider and set up the bank payments to the employees, and be available for calls from suppliers and customers etc. They won't be able to completely shut themselves down surely?

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