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80% grant again - you or your client making claim

Thoughts please

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So having read an earlier post, the detailed guidance, and wanting ro run away for the next few months where clients need our help constantly, but have no income, what are your thoughts re claiming the grant?

We use Moneysoft for all payrolls, over a 100 monthly, and around 60 weekly.

This is a massive exercise to set up every client, obtain codes, actually claim....and then is it our liability if they say they should be on furlough, we claim and it turns out they were working?

We will deifnately need to chareg for each claim, or pass back to clients, which will just create a bigger headache.

What are your plans?

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By penniebark
06th Apr 2020 12:12

I am going to issue a letter to each client stating that I am undertaking to run their payroll on the instructions given to me by them and that in order to qualify for the furlough grant, they confirm that they understand the rulings and that no employee selected for furlough will undertake any work for the company in that time and ask them to sign it. I don't see what else I can do.

Extra work means extra charges.

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By Jo Nokes
06th Apr 2020 16:42

I think I have to make the claim as I run the payrolls, and have the information required. But, and it's a big but, the latest guidance refers to an ePAYE reference, which I think means the client has to have registered for a PAYE account. This would be a real pain the a**e. How can we deal with that?

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Replying to Jo Nokes:
By murphy1
06th Apr 2020 16:52

Whole thing is a shambles.

Add in Rates grants being refused because the address on the Bank Statement isn't the same as the business address.

No sh*t sherlock....people don't want their staff seeing the company bank statements...aaaggg!

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By Ben10Rose
06th Apr 2020 16:59

I am under the impression we (as accountants who run the payroll) will need to ensure we have online authorisation for all of our clients who will need to claim through the CJRS.

We will most likely be charging to process the claim if the client wants us to do it.

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