94 year-old hit by boiler room scam - how can I help?

94 year-old hit by boiler room scam - how can I...

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I was contacted today by a 94 year old who has already lost over £400,000 in a wine scam, where the participants have been appropriately penalised under UK law.

He sent me various statements from other fraudsters where all of the documents look like Madoff type scams. They are asking for another £100,000 and I have told him these look false to me.

He is not a client of mine; but he obviously needs help.  What advice can I give to him?

Is there anywhere I could or should report the details?

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By itp3asso
23rd Nov 2015 13:50

10 Berners Street London W1
Tell him to visit this address as it is currently housing a pump and dump operation which is in a position to relieve him expeditiously of far greater sums than those currently in debate.

But he must be quick before the City of London police close it down.....

If he is so crass as to be fooled by amateurs he may as well be fully fleeced by professionals thus speeding his path to total destitution

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By cheekychappy
23rd Nov 2015 13:53

The Wine Shop UK (TWS) Ltd?

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By WhichTyler
23rd Nov 2015 13:58
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David Winch
By David Winch
23rd Nov 2015 14:08

On a scammers' list

He is probably on a scammers' list of people who are (to put it politely) prone to be victims of fraud.

Unfortunately some such people will often see the next approach as an opportunity to make up some of what they have lost on previous dud investments.  The result sadly is that they get fleeced again.

Does he have an honest & trustworthy relative or friend whose advice he would listen to?

Does he have a contact still with the police who dealt with the previous fraud who could look at the paperwork & tell him what they think?

You could report the attempted new fraud yourself via the Action Fraud website.

I assume that the money he has already lost has been investigated by the police (& therefore I suggest you have a 'reasonable excuse' not to make a Suspicious Activity Report to the NCA as you can tell them nothing they don't already know) & that in regard to more recent matters he has not yet lost any money (& therefore there is no 'money laundering' yet which you are obliged to report in that connection).

If there is nothing else available you could suggest he contacts the Trading Standards Department of his local authority or the Citizens Advice Bureau.


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By petersaxton
23rd Nov 2015 17:48

I had a phone call

from a woman who told me that she had some land that was dramatically going to go up in value and would I like to buy it before it did.

I asked her why wouldn't she wait until it went up in value and then sell it but she didn't seem to understand my suggestion. It couldn't have been in the script.

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