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A Friday afternoon post!

Tried to Shazam but no luck

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So, i'm on the phone waiting to speak to the VAT office and the hold music comes on. Tried Shazming it but no luck. Just want to know who wrote it so when I hang myself waiting on the phone for so long they will know who to blame!!


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01st Mar 2019 14:21

1 and a half hours on hold on Monday. Thankfully the last 40 minutes was after someone answered it and told me they'd try to find the right department after which it was just white noise.

Glad it's not just me though - I also tried Shazam without luck. My current working theory is that the music is provided by Russian Hackers trying to undermine the stability of our tax system, probably written by Momo.

Although my Tuesday wait was rather enlivened by the Scottish chap who answered who told me that Income Tax wasn't actually a tax but that PAYE and Self Assessment were individual taxes in their own right.

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By Nebs
08th Mar 2019 11:10

Perhaps they could change it to Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone.

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08th Mar 2019 12:48

It has been devised to make you hang up screaming but you can listen to it on You Tube

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08th Mar 2019 13:17

10cc -"Don't Hang Up" from "How Dare You" might also work.

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08th Mar 2019 22:01

Good call, though I prefer Lazy Ways.

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08th Mar 2019 14:46

I have a feeling it will be royalty free music. From memory I believe Yorkshire Bank uses the same music.

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