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A Rant!!!

AAM Service - Useless

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In January I submit a client's tax return, on paper, as it included a chargeable event, therefore unable to file online.  Client is due refund of £1,000.

Having heard nothing, I telephoned HMRC to be advised that it would be dealt with urgently.  having heard nothing for a month, i decided to ask the AAM to look at it.  I had there response today

 "Thank you for using our Agent Account Manager Issue Resolution service.

The department has advised they are currently unable to process the return as the calculator used with chargeable events is not calculating cases correctly and is awaiting a fix.  A letter has been issued to advice of the situation.

The AAM service is unable to expedite this and as such your issue is now closed.

If you have any further issues, please complete a new Agents' Issue Resolution Service online form.


Kind Regards

Agent Account Managers"


So I go back to the client and tell her that she cannot have her refund as HMRC's computer cannot process her return!  Can no one at HMRC make a manual calculation?

So much for Digital Transformation"


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29th May 2019 12:50

You could always pass (waste) some more time, in a fruitless cause and email HMRC's CEO
[email protected]
In the safe knowledge that you'll be frustrated, even more!

A complete and utter embarrassment. This once great nation, is now a laughing stock, across the world.

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to Chris.Mann
29th May 2019 13:38

Actually, on the two or three times I've written to the top (the most recent two to Thompson and one to Homer prior to that) I've had a response and profuse apologies within a day or so.

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to SteLacca
29th May 2019 13:44

Whilst I've had a response, it certainly wasn't from Thompson. And, profuse apologies..................

In fairness, HMRC is probably no better and, no worse, than the majority of Government agencies. In essence, the quality of them all, is pretty dire, from what I can see.

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to Chris.Mann
29th May 2019 13:47

Perhaps I should forward the AAM email to Mr Thompson.

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to vinylnobbynobbs
29th May 2019 14:44

That's what I would be doing. I guess that many of these CEO's are much like the political fraternity, in that, they don't get out much, to see what really goes in in the world and, to smell the coffee, so to speak?

Do we really think that the likes of Jon Thomson, really give a fig?

Be good to hear how you get on.

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to Chris.Mann
29th May 2019 14:23

I have taken a half measure, I have emailed the AAM back and copied Mr Thompson into the email. I have just had a response from the AAM team allocating me a new case reference number and that someone will get back to me within 3 days!

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29th May 2019 18:56

A pity that you had such a bad experience. I've only used them a couple of times and they were good - came back to me quickly and sorted the problems out. But that was a couple of years ago - post Brexit and Post MTS

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to Jennifer Adams
30th May 2019 08:31

On balance I have generally found them very good but the last few times we have used the service we may as well have not bothered.
Like everything else (and I know this will enflame Lion but it is said with irony) they no longer provide a "customer" service.
Sorry Lion.

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to vinylnobbynobbs
30th May 2019 11:09

Well, as I see it, HMRC would much prefer to refer to taxpayers as - Oiks, or Subjects.

Most civil servants wouldn't have the first clue how to deal with a "customer" and, that isn't conjecture.

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30th May 2019 11:18

Having copied in my response to the AAM to Mr Thompson I have this morning received a communication from the 'Minesterial Correspondence Team' via email saying that I will receive a "substantive" response by 20 June 2019.
No mention of client on communication but as i do not send many communications to HMRC head office, I presume that this is about the tax return they cannot process.

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30th May 2019 11:20

"So I go back to the client and tell her that she cannot have her refund as HMRC's computer cannot process her return! Can no one at HMRC make a manual calculation?"

Pretty sure that skill has gone.

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