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A 'Tick' in Microsoft Excel 2000

A 'Tick' in Microsoft Excel 2000

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I am designing an excel spreadsheet where I would like to be able to enter a tick mark in certain cells.

I have looked under the 'Tools' and 'Customise' menus etc but cannot find under any of the options a tick symbol.I do not really want to have to draw a tick sign, but would prefer to be able to use perhaps a dedicated icon.
Navneet Ahluwalia

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By Accounting WEB
26th Mar 2001 10:11

A simple macro to help your tick
Re the last reply using Monotype Sorts - make sure the number 4 has no decimals - try it with decimals to see what I mean.

The following is a neat way for users to put ticks anywhere on a sheet.

Assign this Macro to a button on the sheet in use. From Drawing toolbar select the macro button. Select New for a new macro and copy and paste the following between Sub Button1_Click() and
End sub

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = 4
With Selection
.Font.Name = "Monotype Sorts"
.Font.Size = 10
.HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter
.VerticalAlignment = xlCenter
End With

Place the cursor in cell required and click the button to obtain click. Change font size etc if necessary.

To place a tick on the button simply edit the button text by right clicking then selecting the button text and typing 4 over the selected default text and selecting Monotype Sorts size 10 or 12.

Alternatively the button can be added to a toolbar for use on multiple sheets/workbooks.

Hope this helps.

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By Accounting WEB
22nd Mar 2001 14:09

type 4 and change font to Monotype Sorts
type the number 4 into the cell. right click on the cell and choose Format Cell. Choose the Font tab and change the font to Monotype Sorts.

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By AnonymousUser
21st Mar 2001 12:59

Do you actually want a check box?
From the View menu, click on Toolbars, then forms to display the forms toolbar.

Click on the tick, then select the area of the worksheet where you want the tickbox to appear.

Right click on the tickbox and select format control from the menu. In the control tab, select cell link, and click on the cell you want to affect.

When the box is ticked, the cell will be set to True (1), and when it is unticked, the cell value will be set to false (0).

(Don't try this if you are using a laptop with one of those touchpad mouse thingies!)

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By neileg
21st Mar 2001 11:05

It's in the font
There are several ways of achieving this. One way is a follows:
From your Start menu select Accessories>Character Map
Set the Font to Symbols
Select the tick symbol, Copy, and Paste to your spreadsheet.
This will only show a tick if you set the font for that cell to Symbol, but there's no tick in Arial, Excel's standard font.
Once you have a tick in a cell, you can easilly copy this within your sheet.

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By cbales
21st Mar 2001 11:09

A tick (check sign) can be entered in Excel using Wingdings font and keyboard selection Alt+0252.

For practical use, enter into a suitable cell and use copy and paste into other cells as required as required. Alternatively, format the relevant cells in Wingdings font, so that the entry of the tick is effected by just using the keyboard selection above without the need to change font. I usually prefer to use a standard keyboard key, such as the letter "y" as an equivalent as its faster and easier.

If you want to do it properly you willl need to use a macro and visual basics.

To be able to trace symbols etc under different fonts, load the "Character Map" shortcut onto your desktop, quicklaunch toolbar or Microsoft Office shortcuts toolbar.

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By dhough
06th Jul 2010 11:03

ticks in excel

If you go to insert - symbols, you will find a square root symbol that looks very like a tick. Insert it into one cell and then copy and paste as necessary.

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By ktuione
16th Jun 2011 23:29

Placing a tick

i do not no much about excel 2000 but if the font type MARLETT is available, change to this font type, and press the A button on your keyboard.see the result.

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