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A tribute to Chatman

Farewell to a long-time AccountingWEB member and friend

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Apologies for posting off the usual path for Any Answers, but we learned today from one of his friends that Chatman died last week from cancer and would like to offer our condolences to his family, friends and professional colleagues.

Based in London, Chatman was a member of AccountingWEB for more than 9 years and in that time he became one of our most helpful and popular members. The respect and goodwill he attracted is represented by the 1,032 thank-yous he received on the site. Along with his clients, hundreds of fellow accountants benefited from his advice, support and good humour.

Chatman was a regular participant in get-togethers of AccountingWEB members. He was excellent company and from our perspective, even when he was giving us a hard time he did so with a twinkle in his eye and in a way that let us know it was with the best intentions.

A group of AccountingWEB members learned of his diagnosis when they met Chatman in May and helped him deal with some of the professional complications as his illness progressed. We’d like to salute them for their efforts on his behalf and to join them in paying tribute to one of the profession’s good guys and a pillar of the AccountingWEB community.

He will be sorely missed here and in the wider world.

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Lone Wolf
By Lone_Wolf
01st Aug 2018 16:35

May he rest in peace, and his family and friends find some comfort at this sad time.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
01st Aug 2018 16:44

Thank you for posting that, John, I am sorry to hear that sad news.

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Portia profile image
By Portia Nina Levin
01st Aug 2018 16:44

Hear, hear! That is sad. I used to quite enjoy rippingthe p155 out of him. He always took it (and gave back) so well.

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By dialm4accounts
01st Aug 2018 16:56

That's sad to hear, John. Thanks for updating us, and deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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By FirstTab
01st Aug 2018 16:59

I am shocked. I met chatman about 4 years ago at Accountex. I had also exchanged emails with him at the time.

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By Moonbeam
01st Aug 2018 17:11

I am shocked. I liked his posts. Very sad he's gone.

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By Cheshire
01st Aug 2018 17:29

Thank you John. I never met him but he was one of the first to answer my posts when I joined Aweb. Sad news. RIP

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By mrme89
01st Aug 2018 18:05

I never met him, but he always come across as a decent bloke. Very sad news.

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By paulwakefield1
02nd Aug 2018 10:12

That is sad news indeed. I enjoyed his contributions.

Edit: And I should have mentioned that he provided me with helpful advice on these pages only last month.

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By Accountant A
01st Aug 2018 18:13

Very sorry to hear that sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.

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By andy.partridge
01st Aug 2018 20:57

Grim news. A decent man from what I know. I enjoyed our exchanges and occasional PMs. I guessed he was quite young which would make this awful situation even sadder.

Thank you John for your tribute and bringing this to our attention.

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Ben sitting at a We Work Anywhere office
By Ben Smith
01st Aug 2018 21:07

It was a really sad moment to hear this news today. Just to echo John, Chatman was so generous in supporting AccountingWEB.

As members of the site, you’ll know how he contributed his time and expertise to the AA forums with patience and humour. What you won’t know about is the number of times put up with me calling him for advice on a content project, some feedback or just to get his take on the latest tech developments. It was clear he cared about both the site, its members and the wider profession. I’ll always be grateful for that.

His loss to us will be felt less keenly than it will be to his family, but it will be felt none the less.

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
01st Aug 2018 23:34

Farewell to my friend Chatman. He was always good fun to be around and will be sorely missed.

When some of us saw him in May he was in good form and had no obvious signs of illness, other than a slight cough. He told us he was having some tests and e-mailed us a few days later to tell us the results were not good.

Based upon the prognosis, we all hoped and believed he had more than a year left. Sadly it wasn’t to be.

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Replying to Locutus:
Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
02nd Aug 2018 00:32

It is indeed terrible news.

I had the pleasure to meet him several times and what a great guy he was.

He was aptly name "Chatman" as boy could he talk and he clearly enjoyed the work he did, was always good fun and larger than life.

At the meeting in May it was a total bomb shell. He certainly did not look unwell at all.

Its a terrible disease to take someone so young, so quickly.

Chatman was a great member of AWEB as he always had some good banter, and he actively engaged with others in the true spirit of the site.

Farewell Chatman mate, sadly gone but not forgotten.

I had a few beers in your honour tonight.

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By SteveOH
02nd Aug 2018 01:05

This is such sad news. I only met him once at one of the ClearBooks do's but knew him more from his contributions on AWeb.

I hope that his family and friends get comfort from the knowledge that he was well liked by all of us on this site. What a shock!

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By SteveHa
02nd Aug 2018 08:23

Sad news indeed. I never met him, but always enjoyed his contributions. Condolences to all who did know him.

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By carnmores
02nd Aug 2018 08:54

Life is very brittle he will be missed. Nick

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By Democratus
02nd Aug 2018 09:52

I never knew him but was aware of his presence and willinness to assist. A sad loss.

It's hard to say anything that has not already been said, but good members of AWeb will always be missed. I trust that his family will be updated with this thread's response as a gesture of condolence from all of us.

It really puts things in perspective. Please pass my condolences on.


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By JCresswellTax
02nd Aug 2018 10:13

Sad news, thoughts are with his family.

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By Paul Scholes
02nd Aug 2018 10:52

A lovely man, I don't think I ever saw him without a smile on his face, which was impressive given that he could talk for Britain!

My heart goes out to his friends and family and to those of his partner Joanne.

If anyone gets to know of details of tributes, donations etc can they post here?

I'll be up in London next get together just to raise a glass/bottle or two.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
02nd Aug 2018 11:40

He was a very decent guy and I'll miss him.

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By northernmonkey
02nd Aug 2018 11:59

Very sad news - I enjoyed reading his posts. RIP.

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By slipknot08
02nd Aug 2018 13:59

Very sad news.
May you rest in peace, Chatman, and my condolences to your family and friends.
Rotten, horrible disease...

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Mark Telford Chartered Accountant
By Mark Telford
02nd Aug 2018 15:56

Time spent with Chatman was time well spent.

He had a great deal of humanity especially online which is an enviable trait and something most of us would do well to improve.

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By Francois Badenhorst
02nd Aug 2018 16:02

He was a fixture in my life here at AccountingWEB from day one. It's sad and he will be missed.

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Chekin - Find an Accountant in the UK
By Chekin
02nd Aug 2018 21:06

Sad to hear the news of his demise. May his soul rest in peace.

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By Tax Dragon
03rd Aug 2018 07:56

I have left the personal tributes to those who knew him personally. As far as I know, I did not.

I would like to say though that there are a number of people here whose contributions (in thoughtfulness, quality and intent) lift this forum above the swamp in which it often dwells - and whom I miss when they fall silent. Chatman was one of them. One of the good guys indeed.

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By Counting numbers
06th Aug 2018 11:45

Thank you for letting us know, John. I always enjoyed Chatmans dry wit and quick responses. May he rest in peace. Very sad news indeed.

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By Alex_T
06th Aug 2018 14:29

Thank you, John! I'm very sorry to hear this sad news. My condolences to his family and friends.

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Outbooks - UK Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing
By Amit Agarwal
13th Oct 2018 11:14

Sad news RIP

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paddle steamer
13th Oct 2018 13:56

Very sorry to hear; whilst we never met we did interact within the odd Any Answers question over the years , always in an amicable, friendly manner which, from this end, was very much appreciated. Will be missed.

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