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A1 certificate

long delays in issue of A1 certificate

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Is anyone else experiencing very long delays in obtaining of A1 certificates from HMRC? Is there anyway of speeding up the process?

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By the_fishmonger
16th Nov 2020 16:45

The last one we sent off 27-01-2020 and A1 form hard copy was received 22-04-2020.

There was some back and forthing with HMRC who had mislaid the CA3822 for which the online acknowledgement proved they'd got it.

That was mostly before Covid, of course. It's unlikely to have been a priority service to keep fully 'manned' when all hands were sent starboard to avert good ship HMRC hitting the reef formed by Covid

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Replying to the_fishmonger:
By nick farrow
16th Nov 2020 18:07

thanks Fishmonger - it's so frustrating for the client and makes us look bad

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