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how long would it take to start getting jobs when you begin the AAT course. do employers value this qualification


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11th Feb 2012 01:13

I started the qualification, at level 2, a few years ago. After being on the course a few months I got work experience at an ACCA practice; a few years later I'm nearly finished AAT and I'm still at the practice.


Looking back I'm glad I decided to do AAT because it has given me a sound understanding of the basics and an opportunity to open my own practice in the near future.


Downsides of AAT are that ACCA is probably more valued by employer's, despite, in my opinion, AAT being a better practical introduction to accountancy.


Good luck whatever you decide to choose :D

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By Tosie
11th Feb 2012 12:03


The sad fact is that no matter how valuable the qualification employers look for experience.

To this end if you have not already up to speed in Sage I would consider doing a Sage course alongside AAT.

You may have to work for free to get some experience good luck

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