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AAT first then ACCA?

I’m not sure on whether to continue with my AAT qualification before ACCA or just go to ACCA?

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I’m 19 years old (20 in a week or two) currently working as a trainee accountant, probably best described as an accounts assistant. At the minute I’m studying AAT and have nearly completed level 2, all of which I’ve done through home studies. When looking into my options on how to complete level 3 I have the idea that I would prefer to have some time at college for it as it would help keep me motivated and on track (as it’s very easy for me to let other things get in the way of studying when it’s all at home). However courses at college can take up to 2 years for me to complete the next two levels of AAT, after which I would want to study ACCA to become fully qualified. However it has come to my knowledge that to study ACCA you do not have to have a university degree. Something I thought you did have to have. I assumed if you didn’t have a degree you must complete AAT before starting ACCA. Of course I want to become qualified as soon as I can and therefore I’m not sure whether I should ditch AAT and start ACCA or whether to continue with my studies and wait before starting ACCA - thus taking much longer to become qualified. Has anyone had a similar situation to this that they can give advice? 

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
09th Apr 2019 13:10

I know when people are young, they are in a hurry, but finish what you have started.

AAT gives a good foundation for ACCA. Also don't assume that you will pass ACCA. If you don't, at least you will have AAT.

AAT also gives exemption from the first level of ACCA.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
09th Apr 2019 13:21

I would be tempted to complete AAT then move to ACCA, as it is a shame to waste the time you have already spent.

Also, if you come to move jobs whilst 'part' ACCA qualified, you will have the benefit of a 'full' AAT qualification behind you.

You are still likely to get to fully qualified around the same time as a contemporary of yours who went to university.

Some employers may favour the more practical element that AAT brings to the table.

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By infinityplusone
09th Apr 2019 16:21

I'll echo the other posters.
AAT level 3 is a big jump from level 2, and level 4 is an even bigger jump. The leap from AAT to ACCA is huge.
Lots of people, for various reasons don't end up completing ACCA.. whether it be for ability reasons, life events etc. I'm a firm believer of getting AAT done first, should you not continue with ACCA you have a recognised qualification under your belt.
AAT is respected in it's own right. My own personal experience is that AAT gives you a great foundation in accounts.

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By accountantccole
10th Apr 2019 12:23

What is the AAT funding like now? The apprentice route was attractive to employers historically as it was at least part funded. You get to skip a couple of ACCA exams and I agree with other comments it gives you a reasonable grounding.

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Replying to accountantccole:
By Timmbriss99
15th Apr 2019 10:55

I'm not sure if my employers get extra funding, I had already paid for the course I'm on myself when I joined. My employers will pay for any exams or new courses I take.

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By Timmbriss99
15th Apr 2019 10:54

Thank you for the replies, I will continue with AAT and see where that takes me.

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