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AAT lose the plot over BB loans

you cannot be serious man?

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In their response to the budget the AAT have said - "AAT is disappointed that the Chancellor did not write off Bounce Back Loans for SMEs. In AAT’s view, this would have been a pragmatic step that would have hastened recovery AAT has long recommended that all legitimate Bounce Back loans be written off. This is something that we will continue to press the Treasury to consider".   Seriously AAT?  Almost all our clients have BBL hardly any of them needed it, mosty of them still have the money sitting in the bank just in case




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By DaveyJonesLocker
04th Mar 2021 10:22

And they are a reputable association?!

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Replying to DaveyJonesLocker:
By Paul Crowley
04th Mar 2021 10:27

If they were then they have diminished their reputation
Were members genuinely demanding the leadership to make such a request? Difficult to believe any organisation could put forward such a daft idea

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
blue sheep
By Nigel Henshaw
04th Mar 2021 10:51

I had to read it 4 times as I thought it must be a joke!

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Replying to NH:
By Paul Crowley
04th Mar 2021 11:08

Was it dated 1st April

Had not read Sanjay below

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By sanjay100
04th Mar 2021 10:33

I thought this was an early April fools joke. BBL is a joke with the lack of controls around them. The government will ultimately end up writing it off anyway as no one will pay it. BBL has fuelled the recovery on the housing market. It’s like the government is giving a 50k tax free salary to directors. Though directors will argue self employed are getting around 30k a year even though many especially in the construction industry have not stopped working

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
04th Mar 2021 11:40

if it was writen it of I am really really annoyed at not getting my £50,000, along with virtually all of my clients who did not claim it either.

It is incredibly naive to think that would happen!

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08th Mar 2021 20:14

Even as a member of the AAT I cannot agree with or defend this comment by them.

I wonder if the author has a BBL or two?

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