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I'm AAT level 2 qualified and have been asked to join Arden University to do an ACCA quaification

I'm AAT level 2 qualified and trying to get a job within the accounts field, which I'm finding harder than expected. I was going to do AAT level 3 from the beginning of next month, however, I have been contacted by a company called Ulearn and they're asking if I'm interested in doing a BA Hons in Finance and Accounting that is ACCA accredited. My question is I thought that I would have to do my AAT level 4 to go for my ACCA but now if I'm being offered this at Arden University, do I have to? Also has anyone heard of Ulearn at all and if so are they a reputable learning company that is reliable and not just taking people for a ride? Thanks in advance for your responses. 


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16th Jul 2018 14:02

Do you know what your informants mean by “ACCA accredited”. If you think it means, as you appear to, that if you successfully complete the course you will have the ACCA qualification you are probably mistaken.

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16th Jul 2018 14:22

You should check the degree on the ACCA exemptions database on the ACCA website. In most degrees you are exempt from the first two or three stages but have to sit the Professional stage exams ie sitting the final five exams out of a total of fourteen but it depends on the degree.
My understanding is that almost anyone can study for ACCA and sit exams. You do not need to have studied AAT first but it may help. I think you will get exemptions for the AAT exams as well.

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By Maslins
16th Jul 2018 14:40

No idea re Ulearn.

I believe with just GCSEs and part AAT, you wouldn't be able to jump to ACCA. If you've got a degree, or finish AAT, then you can start ACCA (and may get some exemptions from the first few papers).

In your shoes, I think I'd stick with AAT. Getting a trainee role is difficult, lots of applicants to not many jobs. Stick at it, and having started yourself on level 3 AAT to my mind would show a prospective employer that you're serious. Good luck!

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16th Jul 2018 15:38

My advice is to continue with AAT and move on to ACCA

Getting a job in practice very much depends on which part of the country you live in. In our area if you have the right attitude and some basic knowledge to start with. You will pretty much will be able to take your pick.

The downside is none of the local colleges tend to have ACCA as study options so you have to go to Birmingham if you want to take the ACCA route.

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16th Jul 2018 16:11

There are load os people out there "exam qualified" but fit for little.

If you are going to do that route, at least go somewhere credible and not some tin-pot place, or you will be bottom of a not particularly employer friendly pile of exam qualified, no practical experience candidates.

Exams are important
Experience is important

But one without the other is no help to anyone.

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18th Jul 2018 10:21

Personally I would say go the AAT/ACCA route as one flows into the other quite well. From memory the degree route takes 3 years and is generally full time, at the end you get roughly the same exemptons as AAT but have less core knowledge. The AAT route you can get on job and relevant experience.

I was always planning on doing the degree route but accidently ended up doing AAT when the course was cancelled. Turned out to be the best move especially when comparing knowledge gained against someone with no experience and a 3 year Accountancy and Finance degree.

A job will come up sooner or later just stick with it. Good Luck

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