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AAT or Acca?

confused - AAT or ACCA ?

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Hi, I am new here and looking for some advice.  I have a degree in accounting and finance and 10 years experience working as finance manager /financial controller. 2 yrs ago I set up a bookkeeping practice and it is going great.  I want to also provide accountancy services (annual returns, filling tax etc) and thinking of getting certified before offering theses services - I have been thinking of studying AAT level 4 or ACCA (with 8/9 exemptions).   

I am thinking of AAT Level 4 but to pass the units you need 70% whereas ACCA it is only 50%. 

Please let me know your thoughts on this. 

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By James Green
10th Apr 2019 14:26

1) ACCA is a higher level qualification, so don't let the pass marks mislead you.

2) Neither will let you train and practice on your own behalf at the same time. To qualify with either of them you will need to give up your own clients and get a job with someone else.

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By puzzel
10th Apr 2019 14:27

50% of average? Read between the lines.

You could get 65, 70 or even 75 points for the total correct answers, but in the exam you are sitting, if all the other students are scoring higher, then you might not meet the 50%.
I was there once and then the ACCA changed the syllabus for the first year of study, so would mean me attending uni all over again. Sod that.
Yes I failed the first year of the ACCA. Did I go back, NO.
For the AAT, 70% is on each part, not overall, at least it was some 20+ years ago.
AAT is OK, keep up to date on your CPD, and if anything is outside your remit, then team up with someone that can deal with it.
An addition to your knowledge would be the ATT, plus any thing else.
No disrespect, but the last trainee that I had to deal with that had an accounting degree, came with a box of tissue's as they did not know there left or right (debit or credit, what side is the window on. It is in front of you).
So for me, AAT + a bit extra.

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By Accountant A
10th Apr 2019 16:25

thisisyasmin wrote:

I want to also provide accountancy services (annual returns, filling tax etc) and thinking of getting certified

If you are contemplating advising on tax, you need to have a pretty high level, and broad knowledge of all taxes. It's not just a question of putting numbers on a return. I have no idea what AAT covers by way of tax but I'd be surprised if it was adequate for someone offering tax services as a sole practitioner. Maybe look at ATT.

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By andy.partridge
10th Apr 2019 16:42

Gosh, ACCA sounds a lot easier than AAT.

Passing the exams is not the only hurdle to being able to do the work you want to take on, but at least they will be increase your skills which shows you are taking the responsibility seriously.

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