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Abbreviated accounts

Abbreviated accounts

Hi Folks, just having a wobble before I submit my first set (in many years) of abbreviated accounts to companies house

I used VT to prepare the accounts.

I am using the web filing service to enter the information

The web filing service asks for notes on directors transactions and RP.  Im quite happy to ignore the RP as the transactions are immaterial. 

Im swithering with transations with directors? I have a balance in the directors loan account of £100 relating to share capital. Should this be disclosed? Any ideas?

Do I need to disclose the share capital?




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10th Apr 2012 12:24

Yes & Yes

Yes - loans to directors must be disclosed in abbreviated accounts.  It is a Companies Act disclosure, not a FRSSE one, unlike loans from directors and other transactions with related parties.

Yes - share capital must be disclosed

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By thomas
10th Apr 2012 14:38

Do I need the share capital note as I have in the full accounts?

Do I need to disclose the share transfer: in the abbreviated and full?

During the year the director transferred 50 £1 ordinary shares to Mr X, for £50

I've shown the final position of £50 each and because its a new Co, I;'ve shown that 100 shares have been issued in the period.  Anything else?


Thank you

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