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abortive costs differ from fruitless payments?

difference between abortive costs, constructive losses and fruitless payments in public sector

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Trying to formulate a proposal that abortive costs be reported more frequently than once a year, but coming unstuck with defining abortive costs versus  constructive losses and fruitless payments in public sector


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14th Dec 2017 17:31

Well if its a public sector thing,then I think "fruitless payments" are those which go on a scheme everyone but the minister thinks will fail. "Constructive losses" are ones where money is deliberately lost in order to curry favour with, or fatten the pockets of someone important. This used to be called a "bribe" when it was £20's in an envelope, but of course this is much bigger these days, so its labeled a "consultancy fee" or similar. And "abortive costs" are when reality hits a ministerial fantasy, and you have to pay the cost to get out of the contract which everyone knew wouldn't work in the first place. See MTD.

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