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Business nature: Plastering, painting, construction of domestic buildings

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Does a company engaged in Plastering, painting etc need to register as CIS with Companies House? Can the director and  an a worker be permanent employee on PAYE scheme doing the above work? 

I would highly appreciate a detail response from my respected viewers.

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By Wanderer
02nd Apr 2024 17:53


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By Paul Crowley
02nd Apr 2024 17:56

A bit vague.
It depends what work is being done, and for whom. Critically are subcontractors going to be paid.
Either way it is HMRC not Companies House that deal with this.
If you intend to use an accountant, now would be the time to appoint him and get tailored advice based on your intensions.

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By FactChecker
02nd Apr 2024 19:26

For whom will company do work (ever & every type) would give you a starting point?

A detailed response is not available on any topic on a public forum, let alone where the topic is CIS.
And only a little of it might be applicable to your particular circumstances (which as per my opening question are unclear) ... which is why retaining an accountant will be able to get you the answers you actually need.

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By Lucy N
02nd Apr 2024 22:40

I suggest you speak to an accountant as the question shows a complete lack of understanding of CIS and employment. Hopefully you are not an accountant yourself?

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